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Location: Toronto, Ontario

I own an apartment in downtown Toronto, our building has had a bad history of problems with AirBnB tenants so we voted to ban any sort of short term rental. Currently i am on the other side of the continent for work, and won't be back until January.

I decided to list my place up for a rental in late August, for rental until Janaury. Since the rental time was almost half a year it doesn't count as a short term rental (several people do this in our building and it is fine). I immediately got a hit by a person named Jane who was a student about to start grad school (i don't know if this is true or not), and we talked and decided to agree to the rental.She signed a document indicating she agreed to the buildings rules, including the notice about "No short term rentals, through services such as AirBnB".

Yesterday i got an email from our property manager:

  • On Monday they were testing each units smoke detectors, and he noticed there were 3 people in the unit. Along with a strong smell of pot. They apparently identified themselves as AirBnB renters. (Apparently they tried to deny our property manager from entering, since they weren't sure of who he was since they were only renting this place for a week through AirBnB).
  • I am violating the rule about no short term rentals.
  • I am apparently in violation of a bunch of rule violations such as the fact that more people are staying in my unit than permitted.
  • Apparently multiple guests have been parking overnight in the visitors spot (not allowed) who all recorded my unit number as the one they are visiting.

After getting that email i called him and confirmed, and i was able to find my place listed on AirBnB, using very recent photos of my apartment. I tried to contact Jane, through email (no response), phone calls go to voice mail, and facebook (she blocked me after i sent her a message).

I have tried numerous times to talk to AirBnB, but all they have told me is they can't do anything about this, and basically refused to do anything about the listing.

Aside from all the issues above, frankly i don't feel comfortable with a bunch of random strangers in my apartment at all. Unfortunately i have no idea even what to do about this legally speaking. Do i have any way to block these random people from entering my unit?

*EDIT* I forgot to add, that i have talked to a lawyer about evicting the tenant however he told me it could take upto 2+ months, which is why it won't really help. Since by then in ~2 months her lease will be over. I want to stop randoms from AirBnB from entering my apartment now.

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As a first time DM, I tried very hard not to let myself get too carried away. I knew that people might have different expectations, and that it would take a while to feel those out and settle into a play style that suited everyone.

However, early on some big red flags cropped up: one person consistently meta games, which forces me to adjust encounters to keep them on their toes. Another has put all his spare time into maxing out his characters stats, so that he barely takes damage in combat and has no real risks. Another wasn't interested in role play or subterfuge at all, only stabbing and killing.

These things I carefully tackled: I made NPCs for them to interact with and moved plot points around so that things were ever changing and unpredictable. A problem player who continually tried to annoy the other players was allowed to die from his own mistakes, and has not been invited back. I thought I had a handle on things.

Except my husband. From day one, his utter lack of respect for my DMing has been obvious: refusing to open chests he has a key to "on principle" but whining endlessly that the consequence was having other players try to take the key from him. Apparently I shouldn't allow that. I also shouldn't allow people to have big stats because that's not fair, and I shouldn't allow people to get information out of NPCs just because they role played the conversation and he just wanted to roll for it. I shouldn't tell them how many exits there are unless they roll for perception and I shouldn't make them roll a stealth to go through a room that seems empty. It's not fair to expect everyone to stick to races and classes in the handbook and it's cruel to penalize someone for roleplaying so badly it took 20minutes to ask a simple question, with not giving them what they came for, even if they never actually got around to asking for it.

You name it, he criticized it. Endlessly interrupting me. I could deal with the non stop pop culture references up until I had to restart the same scene description four or five times, and was bitched at for not pausing to give him a chance to rob someone (which he could e done instead of quoting movies) I had to repeatedly ask for no phones at the table, for people to tell me what they're rolling for before they throw the dice etc. And all the time my husband is demanding the second from me, but to the extreme : I can't use my phone to look up a spell someone has asked to use, I need to stop action description to roll and then let everyone see the dice before I can carry on (slowed combat down massively) etc.

And then tonight. The party turned up and the jokes were flowing, but for some reason husband had to argue about everything. Guard asked him his name? "Well why don't you tell me your name?" And then threatens him! Get told he's under arrest and these are the charges? "You can't charge us for this! DM is just trying to kill us off!" And disguises himself into something offensive. Reminded him OOC he's supposed to be a wood elf, why is he being antagonistic? In character, he is asked to shut up and speak in turn, interrupts AGAIN and is shackled? Immediately tried to pick the lock whilst the guard are still looking at him and is outraged that he is seen and spotted, pouts when told he needs to at least wait for the conversation to move on a little bit so the guards are distracted. Took fourth minutes for an NPC to read out their crimes and get their names. Literally, that's all. Everyone had to argue with her, none of them role played their characters showing her respect AS AN OFFICER OF THE LAW DECIDING WHETHER TO HAVE THEM EXECUTED. Nope, just insult her, interrupt her, refuse to answer her questions. Husband was the worst for this.

And I gave up. Eventually I got stuck with husband incessantly arguing that, in the form of a fox, he should totally be able to use his whiskers to pick a lock, or that lunging at someone with a dagger shouldn't cause a fight, or that "disguise self" should totally let him turn into a bear- and I am done. I just told them, I can't do this. I'm sorry, if my expectations of what to provide as DM don't match up with the game they were looking for, and I'm sorry to disappoint them all, but I can't be endlessly fighting with the players about the already established rules over and over again- the same arguments, every week, with the same people who refuse to accept my authority. I told them that I loved weaving a story for them. I loved watching them fight their way through it and I loved seeing the ways they figured out how to keep themselves alive. I loved the side quests and the funny moments, but, honestly, I am clearly not the DM they want. I'm not even telling a story right now, I'm guiding an ongoing debate about the laws of the world they're in, and whether or not you can see what's in someone's pockets from 25ft away. Whilst looking at card decks and playing Pokémon Go. I mean, seriously? The fact that I had to ask them not to is a fucking joke.

Husband had repeatedly stated he wants certain things to happen and I can't make everyone happy, so I shall pass the remainder of the campaign over to him and he can finally be incharge and have the game he wants.

And I'm sad. I feel like they saw me as someone who throws a strop. They didn't seem to understand that, for me, it's about telling a story, not arguing that your movement is 30ft and no you can't just double it. It's not about killing their characters, it's about challenging them and seeing them become fully fledged out, rather than meme spouting murder hobos who whine when assaulting and robbing townsfolk gets them in trouble, or the powerful weapon they hoped to find wasn't there, or if they drank a potion they were explicitly told turns people into animals and was turned into a fox.

I don't need advice. This is more of a tale of warning. If your players treat you like your world, your rules and your story don't matter, if they argue every aspect because it's not exactly what they want it to be, if they stop play to open up the handbook and tell people what needs to be done next, GET OUT. Run far, run fast. It's not worth burning a friendship or a marriage over. Just let it go, and leave them to play the game they want to play, because you can't reign them in.


This is about 15 years ago. I was pretty down on my luck after getting laid off and so was relieved to score a temp job as a shipping clerk at a large company that paid just above minimum wage even though I was over qualified. My idea was to work as hard as I could to try to score a permanent role with benefits.

My boss there was an old timer who ran the fleet of company owned trucks, my supervisor was a lady that dealt with the administration side of shipping. My main duty was to keep tally of company owned shipping containers on a primitive spreadsheet that was complete crap. I learned that the containers were pricy and that losing them was costing the company a significant amount of money. I decided the perfect way to get offered a full time job was to design a proper system to control these containers and then demonstrate the cost savings to my boss and supervisor, which they agreed was a fantastic idea, and of course my status of temporary would need to be re-visited if I could pull it off.

I happen to be a database designer and so I went above and beyond and implemented a slick system to do just that. I trained users and was promised by boss and supervisor I would be offered a position just after Christmas if everything went well, after being there almost a year. I was really excited because this was a huge company that offered a great benefits and pension package to its employees. But, as you have probably guessed, the promised job did not materialize. Some awkward excuses were offered along with a new promise that I could bet on an offer in the coming year if things continued to go well. I guess my boss was pretty confident that I would stay and just get taken advantage of, it seemed.

So, I looked for a new job and got one paying double with a start time three weeks out. I said nothing to my boss or supervisor but instead played stupid and asked to present my inventory system and the savings - perhaps to some higher ups? In order to "maybe get considered for a job offer in the next year...." My boss and supervisior both agreed - because obviously they could benefit from some credit and I was clearly an idiot and a pushover right? Not so fast. I presented to the VP and the controller. I demonstrated not only several hundred thousand dollars in savings, but also went out of my way to make it clear I had more brains and skill then my boss AND supervisor put together.

Then, I designed Fort Knox security on the database program and added a password since I was the only user most of the time. Then I came in on my last day about two weeks after and quit to my boss and supervisior's face after a year, telling them I was offered a fantastic role that started the next day....they were shocked but congratulated me. I regretted that it was due to extenuating circumstances and not by design that I was quitting at the last minute... And of course I would leave everything on a write up on my desk in order for the next person, including my inventory system that held several million dollars if inventory data, indeed the only existing copy of the inventory. This is because I deleted the back up that they never even knew existed, because they were too stupid to realize that allowing an employee to design a stand-alone system requiring a niche skill set to administrate without a backup or transparency is reckless.

Then I went home. Then I waited. Then the calls came "where is that sheet with the password to the program you wrote that we promised to compensate you for via a full time job?" Of course I told them I left it on my desk.... What? You can't find it?? How can that be? And no... I can't remember the password because it was very know, like all letters and numbers nonsense...maybe you can hire someone to crack it??? Gee I don't know... yeah that sucks.

I took no further calls. My new job was better. As for them, I wonder how those big bosses reacted when they had to pay to do a full inventory of all the containers with no visibility to actually audit them, and then to design a whole new system to keep track of them. I imagine it cost more than a couple years wages for the job I was promised and never got.

TLDR: designed inventory system with promise of full time job that magically evaporated once it was done. Then conveniently forgot the password.

EDIT: Since you asked for my bosses reaction I will do my best to be more specific about the outcome: my supervisor initially emailed me, and I responded that I left the password on my desk. She said NOTHING of the impact of the missing password which spoke volumes... And never responded to me at all...then, the girl I trained as my back up who was the accounting clerk phoned me (I guess my supervisor was too chicken to call me and/or figured I might be moved to help since this girl and I were friendly) she sounded really nervous and asked me several times and then acted incredulous and huffed a bit when I wouldn't budge and then finally gave up and that was it..... Also I recall an overwhelming feeling of arrogant self satisfaction that I positively floated on for days afterward.


I witnessed this on a flight waiting to board from London to Johannesburg, an 8+ hour flight. I watched the petty revenge unfold from across the aisle. While we were boarding and getting settled it emerged that the airline had assigned the same seat to two people. One was a angry little old lady and the seats were already occupied by two young men. I guessed friends traveling together.

The flight attendants were already aware of the situation and had asked the lady to wait until boarding was complete so that they could find her a seat. She kept going back and forth making a fuss so that everyone aware of this total outrage. (as if she would have to stand in the aisle for 8 hours).

The attendant arrived and turned to the two men and explained that due to the inconvenience, one of them would be allowed to move to business class. She went into detail explaining the normal rules (you can’t switch seats half way through the flight ... etc). This was implicitly not offered to the lady but she definitely heard the discussion go down.

And that was the last we heard of her complaint.


I was being underpaid and contacted the rival company, known for paying good salaries. It was my first time doing a hackerrank style interview and failed it. I obviously haven't told anyone about it so I'm positive their HR told my boss to create a toxic work environment for us, which they succeeded in doing. Not sure how to deal with this, I am quitting so it shouldn't matter but still left a bitter taste in my mouth


I’ve also read that when one of his men laughed he killed him on the spot. No doubt seems like a risky ploy but most likely was successful in motivating his troops against vastly superior numbers.

Are there any other similar badass moments in history?


As I was entering a bank for an ATM, a car pulled into the parking lot with a couple bickering the whole time, slinging swears at each other. While his wife was waiting in the car, the man came in and just had to give me some advice: "Watch out for women. Wait to get your first million, get a wife, then hide your million." He went off about his wife for a bit. He'd been married for more than 20 years which gave him plenty of material.

I asked him how'd he had managed such a feat. He softened and said he'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Apparently it wasn't all bad.


I had a 90 year old professor who taught me both statics and dynamics. Wasnt the best of professors but it was amazing that he was still teaching because he always sounded like he was about to croak any minute and we would need to call the ambulance or something.

Anyways first day of Dynamics class he's giving his intro and say in the most serious tone, "Dynamics is a lot like statics...but more dynamic..." I knew it was going to be another really long semester.


I’ve noticed recently that advice animal memes have started making the front page of Reddit. I seem to remember that these memes died out in 2012 along with rage comics, why are people upvoting this long dead meme, am I missing something? //


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